Create new revenue streams with EV charging.

Setting up a hosting station will be a huge business opportunity and it is important to understand the dynamics of hosting.

How to set up a commercial EV charging station?

If you own a property like a mall, supermarket, gym or grocery store, you can easily apply to become a charging host. A property which has a reasonable crowd is usually better in order to make the station more profitable. A suitable location with growing number of Electric Vehicles is always the best place to start with. The location must follow the norms related to commercial charging sites. Proper entry and exit facilities is a vital requirement.

We at ChargeMate provide impeccable services to business owners to host a charging station. We help you jump on the bandwagon moving towards clean and carbon neutral energy. We welcome you to join us and grow by being a part of the growing EV Charging network in the world.

Key Points

We are committed to create products and services that will be an important part of the future of e-mobility. We offer cost-effective and reliable equipment.

We help you define your business model and offer solutions. We monitor the entire progress and assist you every step of the way. We support you till you see the project come to existence and beyond.

How to choose the best CHARGEMATE chargers for your project or commercial site

We create convenient charging infrastructure and design solutions based on the needs of your potential customers. This ensures that the solutions are relevant and attract the customers, making the station profitable for you.

Intelligent, Integrated & Connected ChargeMate's Network.

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