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Are Cancer & Cancer Compatible In A Relationship?

Are Cancer & Cancer Compatible In A Relationship?

A relationship between two Cancer zodiac signs can sometimes feel like a soapy teen drama. There are tears, angst, and heavy emotions, mixed in with tenderness, affection, and sweet declarations of love. Cancers are, after all, highly sensitive water signs. Despite the dramatics, no one understands the depth of a crab’s emotions more than another crab. Cancer and Cancer compatibility shows why this pair of water signs have what it takes to go the distance.

As astrologer Kristina Semos tells Bustle, a Cancer-Cancer relationship is moody, emotional, nurturing, and comfortable. “Cancer is a highly intuitive, highly sensitive, and highly emotional sign that takes time to open up and trust,” Semos says. “When you get two Cancers in a long-term relationship, some things will match up amazingly well, especially intellectually and emotionally.”

A Cancer’s needs are fairly simple: They want to nurture and be nurtured. They want to make sure that their friends and family are always taken care of. They also want to live in a home that feels safe and cozy. That’s why Cancer and Cancer compatibility is pretty high. They share the same strong values in life, and want the same things.

“They may have differing interests as far as what they do for work or hobbies, but they’d respect the other enough to take it seriously,” Semos says. Read more